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PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131228-2038

my xmas tweet never went through 🙁 Merry Xmas!!! every year I am more and more grateful to have and love monsters. *SPREAD LOVE* – Venus

PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131209-2306

Thank u London for the amazing trip I am late for the airport! Big kisses from me I love u! Xxx

PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131130-2219

Do What U Want the Remix feat. RICK ROSS. It’s happening.

PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131117-1611

I just put cake directly into a tub of ice cream #IKnowNoShame

PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131112-2137

OH MY FUNNY watch @JimmyKimmel reviews ARTPOP lyrics on the streets of LA: 

PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131111-1431

The App is available now for Free ALSO on Android/GooglePlay, if you haven’t purchased the album yet you can buy it through the app!

PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131111-0027

At 6pm EST today we will beta test VOLANTIS with the world. We invite you into our creative process during her initial stages of lift off.

PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131110-0407

Do What U Want is on the radio in NYC!!! Oooowwwheeee!

PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131109-1930

DO WHAT U WANT on @grahnort  sometimes I just wanna sing. In MarcJacobs final collection 4 @LouisVuitton #10inchheels

PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131108-1135

Hi Japanese Monsters! Thank you so much for supporting my new album ARTPOP and making it a #1 album on iTunes in your country. Aishitemasu!

PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131107-1232

UK monsters, official ARTPOP stream is up on #O2Tracks!

PostHeaderIcon ladygaga 20131106-2126

I will also perform live on a stage built around never before exhibited sculptures by JEFF KOONS with DJ sets by @DJWS & @MADEON!!!!!!

PostHeaderIcon ladygaga 20131105-2242

Lady Gaga’s honored to be producing the event, 2 years in the making. On 11.11 ART MUSIC FASHION + TECHNOLOGY explode into flight #ARTPOP

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PostHeaderIcon ladygaga 20131104-1531

“Do What U Want” feat. @rkelly out now!  as seen in the commercial for @beatsbydre

PostHeaderIcon ladygaga 20131103-1832

“Do What U Want” feat. @rkelly out now!  as seen in the commercial for @beatsbydre

PostHeaderIcon ladygaga 20131103-1830

The @BTWFoundation has NINE born brave runners out their today! Running for self-empowerment, against the winds of intolerance. We love u!

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