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SO! Make sure you’re up early for the Citi pre-sale TOMORROW at 7:00a local time:  #THEPRISMATICWORLDTOUR

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Navy Seals are made of a different kind of strength! We could never fully grasp the type of mentality it takes to do what they do with pride

PostHeaderIcon Katy Perry 20140112-2226

A noun and a pronoun.

PostHeaderIcon Rihanna 20140107-0849

One. Week. Countdown.

Rihanna 20140107

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my xmas tweet never went through 🙁 Merry Xmas!!! every year I am more and more grateful to have and love monsters. *SPREAD LOVE* – Venus

PostHeaderIcon Rihanna 20131222-1617

It’s fRIHday, navy! Tune in to #StyledtoRock on @bravotv and ask your fashion Qs to my girl @ErinWasson with #AskErin at 8 PST

PostHeaderIcon Justin Bieber 20131222-1616

#15HOURS until my #Journals hit iTunes. #countdown

PostHeaderIcon Katy Perry 20131222-1601

Here’s the link if you missed me *stripping down* for @AlanCarr on the @Chattyman show in

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Don’t talk to me today unless it’s about @Beyonce THANX

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Thank u London for the amazing trip I am late for the airport! Big kisses from me I love u! Xxx

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Saw #TheMONSTER Video yesterday! @Eminem U R 1 cool muthaphucka! Congrats on this record man & THANKS to all of you who support us on iTunes

PostHeaderIcon Rihanna 20131205-0229

@XSTROLOGY: #Pisces are the ones to go to if you need someone to talk to.” Start charging these heifers or nah?

PostHeaderIcon Lady Gaga 20131130-2219

Do What U Want the Remix feat. RICK ROSS. It’s happening.

PostHeaderIcon Rihanna 20131130-2215

Good question… #nyc #thanksgiving

Rihanna 20131130

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Funny face on the way to my show in Sydney…

Justin Bieber 20131129

PostHeaderIcon Katy Perry 20131129-2120

Birmingham 5/14 and Manchester 5/24 shows are on sale now!  #THEPRISMATICWORLDTOUR

PostHeaderIcon David Guetta 20131126-2235

Before @un @unite4good event, I dropped by @BloombergTV to talk #theworldneedsmore with @cristinaalesci Check it:

PostHeaderIcon Katy Perry 20131126-2226

You guys!!! SHOW ME YOUR LIGHT! Instagram what unconditional love means to you with…

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